Here is a list of past from Merv Griffin Productions/Enterprises to Columbia TriStar Television to Sony Pictures Television. Distributed by King World what is now CBS Television Distribution.


Merv Griffin Enterprises 1973-1994Edit

From Wheel of Fortune Jeopardy as The All New Jeopardy (1978) on NBC & GSN the Headline Chasers Super Jeopardy Monopoly Game Show & More the (September 10 1984-July 22 1994)

King World 1984-2007Edit

From Show Like Jeopardy Wheel of Fortune The Oprah Winfrey Show Dr Phil Rachael Ray Everbody Loves Raymound Inside Edition & More as Merv Griffin Jeopardy Online & Wheel of Fortune Online Until 2002 the 1983 Pilot January 9 1984 as 1 the September 18 1983-September 10 1984

CBS Television Distribution 2007-PresentEdit

Columbia TriStar Television 1994-2002Edit

Sony Pictures Television 2002-PresentEdit